Salon Ten's range of relaxation massages

Relieve your stress & drift away to another world in a state of complete relaxation. During the massage you will be covered appropriately for your privacy.

Salon Ten offers a variety of body massages. Please browse through our selection below.

Ultimate Escape Massage

Drift away to complete relaxation with our 80 minute head-to-toe indulgent massage including our signature face and scalp massage. Feel all stress and tension drain away from your mind and body.

Wellbeing Mind & Body Massage

A 70 minute complete relaxation treatment incorporating a sensory journey to choose the right aromatherapy oil for your mood, then full body-brushing to refresh the skin and increase circulation and finished with a long-stroke body massage to soothe the mind and destress the body.

Relaxation Body Massage
Pregnancy Massage 60 minutes $99
Full Body Massage 60 minutes $85
Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage 30 minutes $55
Feet & legs 30 minutes $45